The Hearth Education Advisors

The Hearth Education Advisors

The Hearth Education Advisors is a leading consulting firm based between Europe and Asia, with offices in UK, Ireland, India and China. It is a group of reputed professionals with expertise and passion for education and skills that delivers operational advice and innovative, research-led thinking.

The Hearth develops innovative institutions, including schools and universities, that use creative pedagogy, interesting learning spaces, and exciting teachers to deliver high quality to the learners they serve. Further, our curriculum, training and development services enhance the delivery capacity of institutions. The Hearth has gained a growing reputation for providing advice and solutions that are effective and that enable clients to turn their ambitions into reality.

The Hearth Education Advisors works with leading universities (including several top 10 ranked institutions in the world), the very best schools in many countries, school examination boards (including Cambridge Assessment and the International Baccalaureate), governments, development organisations and corporates.

The Curriculum

The Hearth Education Advisors is designing a bespoke curriculum for the Mount Dios Educational Society.

The Hearth has experience and expertise in devising curricula and a variety of syllabus options for school examination boards, as well as bespoke curriculum options for high-performing schools. The focus is on using learning and instructional design to develop learning experiences that drive institutional goals and are centred on the students. The Hearth uses a systematic approach to blend the school’s objectives with the requires of the national curriculum and examination imperatives, through mapping content to learning objectives. The teacher is the focus of instructional activities, while the student is the centre of learning experiences.

The Hearth’s Pre-Primary curriculum is contemporary, progressive and thoroughly researched. The curriculum brings together expert knowledge, flexible worksheets, innovative and detailed lesson plans, planning tools, thorough guidelines for classroom design and management, and relevant contemporary contextualisation for schools that seek to give their young children a strong start. With this curriculum, pre-primary teachers have access to all the information they need, as well as a wealth of ideas and detailed instructions for creating and finding more resources.

The Primary Curriculum builds on the requirements of the national curriculum structures of India and UK. The Hearth’s Primary Curriculum opens a myriad of opportunities for exploration, growth, sharing, relationship building, and skill development in both the children and the teachers. This curriculum guides teachers to develop a strong sense of structure and direction, while maintaining as its foundation the specificity and individuality of a classroom or context. Full plans are given for when a teacher chooses or needs simply to follow one, and they are accompanied by additions and variations to encourage adaptation according to students’ abilities, backgrounds, the local context, and the resources available.

For the Mount Dios Educational Society, as it will be a group of high performing schools, the Hearth is also designing a Framework for Middle Years. At this stage of schooling, the focus must remain close to the requirements of the school examination boards (CBSE and/or CAIE). The Hearth will structure the approach of the school, encompassing the totality of experiences that students will receive through the many activities that will go on in the school, in the classroom, library, laboratory, workshop, playgrounds and in the numerous informal contacts between teachers and students.