Why Mount Dios?


Mount Dios, upholding the meaning of its name, ‘The Land of God’, is an international school built in the vibrant city of Vizag, where traditionalism meets contemporary educational values. We believe in the core concepts of traditional learning and education as that of the Gurukul system of ancient times. Not restricted to classrooms, students at Mount Dios get to interact, collaborate, explore, experiment, and learn at their own pace in accordance with their capabilities, which are optimally harnessed at our institute.

We, at Mount Dios, provide a stimulating, safe and supportive environment, in which all our students can aim for success. This is precisely why curriculum at Mount Dios is very meticulously designed, comprising an eclectic blend of international as well as national education boards, bringing in the best academic practices from International Curriculum and CBSE.

Students here are given equal opportunities of learning and growing not just academically, but are also given a platform to develop their skills in arts, physical education, and other life skills. Our robust sports infrastructure that consists of 25 courts, one of the largest in India, is proof of the importance given to physical and environmental learning .

In order for our students to be fully informed and knowledgeable citizens, we create inspiring, innovative and differentiated learning experiences. We maximise our academic potential, while at the same time understanding that balance is essential for a healthy and fulfilling life. We share our understanding and apply knowledge to real-life situations.

Mount Dios aims to change the face of education and the way it is perceived in this part of India with a promise of generating leaders for tomorrow.