Admission Process

Our admission process is a seamless 6-step process, where each stage signifies a very critical well-defined step, leading to your child’s admission into Mount Dios International School. At any time along the way, our qualified and experienced counsellors as well as administrators are there to guide you and make the whole process extremely simplified and transparent for you.

  • 1
    Enquiry Form

    The enquiry form needs to be filled, in order to initiate the admission process. It would give us the basic information regarding the child, such as the child's past academic record.

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  • 2
    Confirmation Of Appointment

    On receipt of the enquiry form, the school shall intimate the parent about the appointment date of the parent with the school, which is the next step of the admission process.

  • 3
    School Visit

    The parents and the students will be given a complete induction into the facilities and amenities provided in the school. This will give the child a proper overview of the environment at the school.

  • 4
    Student Assesment

    The record (academic and scholastic) of the student will be assessed by our proficient staff and evaluated to comprehend the past progress of the child. This will be followed by a diagnostic test, which will help us prepare student-specific strategies for child's performance in the future.

  • 5
    Parent's Interview

    Once the child's assessment is done, the next step is to speak with the parents and give them an orientation of the school. This step is also imperative for the school to make sure that the parents are aligned to our vision and mission.

  • 6
    Application & Prospectus

    The final step before the child becomes a part of the legacy of Mount Dios, is to fill the application form and related formalities and collect the prospectus.

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