Our Philosophy

Our Mission

Mount Dios believes in building a world in accordance with nature and the society on the whole. We strive to build a well equipped ecosystem for our students’ holistic wellness and development. Ensuring academic excellence and learning from nature’s basic elements, we’ve designed our curriculum with an essence of forgotten Indian traditions and learning methodologies with international outlook.


Our Vision

Our vision is to nurture young minds for their holistic development in a way that they learn to Explore experiment and interact with the surroundings they are living in. Evolve as learned scholars in a traditional foundation and international outlook. Emerge as the leaders of tomorrow fostering a life of peace and harmony with the society.

Core Values

Mount Dios International School is an association with the lord of power and prowess. To stand up to its virtue bring a change in the way education is seen in this place, Mount Dios strives to nurture young minds in a value based system and curriculum with an international outlook yet deep rooted with its fundamental principles on par with life, nature and society.

Our robust value system constitutes of:


International Approach Through Traditional Learning

We empower our students with the knowledge and skills through innovative and engaging learning methodologies to choose their individual career paths and a bright future. We ensure a seamless transition of tertiary education of their choice and ensure the young minds become responsible custodians of their own physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

Respect, Empathy, Acceptance Of All Communities

We live in a physically growing interdependent world, thus it becomes very important to nurture the young minds to build a world of peace and harmony. We foster student growth in a lifestyle that learns to appreciate the diversity of communities and understands the value of unity. Our students shall abide by their rights and responsibilities, thus empowered with knowledge and skill to contribute towards a Zero Conflict World.

Academic & Holistic Excellence

Extending excellence in pursuit of a Perfect Score in all spheres of life. We encourage students for their overall development including mental, physical, academic and beyond. The architecture of Mount Dios is built thus to ensure excellence in all domains of learning right from the tender age to adult life.

Living In Harmony With Nature

We believe our students to be the leaders, saviours of the environment, and protecting mother earth becomes their fundamental duty. It is important that they learn every day from nature and its beings and we ensure our students shall endeavour to maintain and improve the quality of life by securing the planet for the future generations.